We have closed our store as of May 15th 2008.
I am continuing on with a "Mobile Office" and commercial contracts and Triangle tower site.

Our phone number and email address remain the same.
Business hours at 0900am to 1600hr or 4pm.
Monday to Thursdays.

Picture of our Radio Tower

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Established in Victoria since 1968

.....Muir Communications Ltd. is owned and operated by Alan Muir, VE7BEU and Judy Muir, VE7JDY.

Privacy Policies:

Tower & Commercial Radio Sites

We have a Tower & Commercial Radio Site available for lease or rent.
It is located on the West side of Victoria B.C.
The Tower site is designed to cover Victoria BC, Port Angeles WA and the US Olympic Peninsula
for wireless access points, Broadband radio and other uses.

If this site is of interest to you, please E-mail us for more information.
ve7beu at muircom dot com


Muir Communications Ltd.

Store at: CLOSED May 15, 2008
Mail address: Muir Communications Ltd
Suite 231, 179-2945 Jacklin Road
Victoria BC, V9B6J9
Telephone: 1-250-475-2004